Mimamia : Empowering Mothers


Bondowoso Woman

Do What You Love … Love What You Do!

A powerful quote that always become my favorite quotes, and yes I do love my job! to be an entrepreneur in fashion business for 8 years, it was not easy to pass till today, but I did it. Because I do what I love, and I always try to love every single step I do.

I try to remember all those days I passed to achieve what I have today, it was long and winding roads. There were lot of obstacles, challenges, and of course Joys I passed. I am not gonna say that I am successful person, there  is still long way to go, but I am thankful to God of what I achieved until this day.

Working in this business, is not merely talk about profit and loss, or become so popular because people know your brand. The most important thing is … mimamia can support people to achieve what they dream as well.

Since 2014, we started our private company in Bondowoso city, we have been working with local people, especially multi-talented women that supporting our team to produce best fashion products for you. Continue reading