Amsterdam Street Wear


Silk Printing Long Back T-shirt by @ricuhbrand

It was the biggest challenge since 2015. We started to work with this buyer from Amsterdam Netherlands. He was looking for Batik T-shirt for his custom design market.

Honestly we never had project about street wear t-shirt, and we had no idea how the street wear was looks like. It was totally big challenge for us, but luckily he sent us detail design of his orders.


Custom Design Plaid Shirt by @ricuhbrand

We got very good feedback after our first sample received, then he started to send us his first project – custom silk printing t-shirt. The size was not standard Asian size, we were surprised about his design, it was totally crazy!

Silk Printing Bomber Jacket by @ricuhbrand

Silk Printing Bomber Jacket by @ricuhbrand

Because we need to work extra carefully on this project and need to use extra big silk printing frame. We chose high quality fabric, called cotton combed 24s, the standard material for t-shirt.


Plaid Long Back Shirt by @ricuhbrand – Amsterdam

He was not happy with the silk printing result, but gave good respond of our workmanship for the t-shirt. Yea, we don’t have silk printing department, we work with local artist in our town, unfortunately they couldn’t fit our buyer’s standard.


Bomber Jacket – Plaid Shirt – Silk Printing T-shirt by @ricuhbrand Amsterdam

Next project he decided to use plaid for custom street wear shirt. We just wonder! every design he sent just made our team got crazy! It was not only about the difficulties of stitching technique but also the details on every design he sent.


Woman Silk Printing T-shirt by @ricuhbrand

This project was so challenging .. but finally we did good job! He was so happy to receive the stuff and also got good respond from his client. Check out his instagram account @ricuhbrand to see his latest design.


Custom Design Plaid Shirt by @ricuhbrand

We are so happy to be part of his successful moment! So you guys .. if you have any idea to start fashion biz .. you already know whom you need to work with! Yes mimamia fashion .. please contact us to get further information!


Batik Thobe by @ricuhbrand

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