Muslimah Outfit : Emboss Batik Cotton Tops


Hello dear readers!

It’s spring time now in some hemisphere, but here in Indonesia .. still lil bit rainy though summer is coming soon… anyway hope you enjoy your day!

Now .. I am going to share you about “a manly look shirt” for woman especially muslimah, but keep you in modesty and elegant style! We got this custom order from our local customer.

She is a beautiful mother with two gorgeous boys! She wants to look beautiful and charm, while being active looking after her baby boys, and I think you know what I mean .. being a hot mama with multitask agenda everyday! Hats off to all of mamas wherever you are!


She chose the fabric called emboss batik cotton that we bought from our best supplier recently. Mustard is her choice! what a perfect color she chose for spring and summer time, and this color is a trend now! So you guys .. please check your wardrobe, have you get this color collection for 2017 trend?

We discussed the design and measurement via whatsapp app, as she lives in different city. She informed us that she wanted to have simply style as her daily outfit. She sent us the picture of how the shirt would be.

Got all the information … set the price .. and then DEAL to make the dream shirt for her! I discussed with my team, explained them clearly of every detail design, then yaa .. go for the next process!

emboss batik

Emboss Batik Cirebon

This is the fabric we used for her tops. It’s kind of Batik fabric, called Emboss Batik from Cirebon, it has many pattern, and the famous one is Mega Mendung (Clouds) print. The material looks wrinkle and you don’t need to iron a lot .. that’s the point!

It’s cotton material, light and breathable but not transparent. I think this material is perfect choice for you who live in tropical country like us! They also have many beautiful bright to soft colors.


Here we go for the design! She chose the simply cut tops, front button with regular sport patch pocket on both side, one button cuff long sleeves and man spread collar style. To make it bit “girly look”, we gave a shape on her waist part, so it’s not just straight shirt like man’s shirt.

Taraaa … what a perfect combo! Simple tops Emboss Batik Cirebon with culotte pant! matched with printed cotton scarf .. and ready to go with her boys! anyone want to make your dream dress ? just contact us for further info!


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