Camouflage in Street Style


Since January 2017, camouflage print or people call it CAMO style is back in trend! We knew that this style is worn by Army all over the world, then fashion bring them on stage!

We also joining the camo vibes, by making this custom t-shirt style for our buyer in Nederlands. We work with this fashion designer for his street style market in Amsterdam.

Famous designers like Valentino, Botega, Cerruti and Dries Van Noten also make this camo print as one of their collection this year. Most of them made it on tracksuit, sweater and bomber jacket.


And we just want to make something different for our market, that more “manly looks” yet fashionable and ya you know street-style is more into “swaggy” style 😉 We make it bit different to any other design that already on stage.


Check it into detail, we add the gold zipper on right shoulder to give it “classy-rich” style and use contra-color for hem trimming. Red satin on hem part give this camo print as blocking color that look fancy yet stylish!

Slim fit sleeves give a street-style look on you, and straight body cut with curvy hem design also give you a neat classy look. For mix colors on camo-print, this only available in Indonesia, as our military – police department wearing this print as their uniform


So .. do you think you will take it as one of your collection this year ? share this post if you love it 😉

Thank You!

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