Camouflage in Street Style


Since January 2017, camouflage print or people call it CAMO style is back in trend! We knew that this style is worn by Army all over the world, then fashion bring them on stage!

We also joining the camo vibes, by making this custom t-shirt style for our buyer in Nederlands. We work with this fashion designer for his street style market in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Muslimah Outfit : Emboss Batik Cotton Tops


Hello dear readers!

It’s spring time now in some hemisphere, but here in Indonesia .. still lil bit rainy though summer is coming soon… anyway hope you enjoy your day!

Now .. I am going to share you about “a manly look shirt” for woman especially muslimah, but keep you in modesty and elegant style! We got this custom order from our local customer.

She is a beautiful mother with two gorgeous boys! She wants to look beautiful and charm, while being active looking after her baby boys, and I think you know what I mean .. being a hot mama with multitask agenda everyday! Hats off to all of mamas wherever you are! Continue reading

Amsterdam Street Wear


Silk Printing Long Back T-shirt by @ricuhbrand

It was the biggest challenge since 2015. We started to work with this buyer from Amsterdam Netherlands. He was looking for Batik T-shirt for his custom design market.

Honestly we never had project about street wear t-shirt, and we had no idea how the street wear was looks like. It was totally big challenge for us, but luckily he sent us detail design of his orders. Continue reading

Hijab Challenge!

Hello dear ladies!


Oval Face Hijab Style

Have you ever think to do Hijab Challenge Games? If you are a hijabista and really love to have good looking hijab style everyday, or you just start to wear hijab .. or wear hijab but you think you are on “Boring Style” ..

So .. why don’t we start to do Hijab Challenge in this early 2017! Make-up Challenge was trend lately, now I want to invite you to do Hijab Challenge by showing your old style and dare to try new style on you! Continue reading

Hijab Style in 2017


Chiffon Stripes Hijab

Hijab is a part of Iconic Fashion Styles, as a symbol of muslim women in daily styles. You can see many muslim women with hijab (called hijabi) all over around the world.

They have their own hijab style, every country has it’s own styles, and every woman has her “iconic” styles as well. So what is hijab meaning for muslim woman ? Should every muslim women wear hijab as daily outfit ?

Well.. I am not going to explain about hijab in Islam nor to write deeper about it, but I will write based on what I understand as muslim woman. Hijab in Islam is a cloth that cover up your whole body top to toes, hiding your shapes, hijab should not transparent nor seen through.  Continue reading

Modest Sport-wear for Muslim Woman


Modest Sport Wear for Muslim Woman

Become a hijabi woman, it’s not merely have to stay at home all day long  doing household chores, not even have to stop your education class. To be a hijabi woman, you can worshiping Allah and be yourself!

Every muslim women (muslimah) also have the same rights as men in achieving their life’s goals. In this case, women and men are equal, yet we understand in some countries which have muslim populations, they have different cultures about raising women and men, then they labeled it as “Islamic Lifestyles”  instead of “Tradition” Continue reading

Tips Memilih Abaya


Sudah bukan rahasia lagi, dunia mode busana muslim di Indonesia berkembang sangat cepat. Hampir setiap minggu selalu ada desain dan model baru mulai dari pernak-pernik hijab hingga abaya satu paket dengan khimarnya.

Kita sebagai perempuan, seringkali tidak bisa menahan “godaan” untuk membeli hijab atau pakaian tersebut. Kebanyakan perempuan, selalu mengatakan “TIDAK PUNYA BAJU” meski lemari pakaian penuh dengan abaya atau gamis lama kita. Continue reading

Best Outfit for Eid Hajj


Finding the best outfit for you yourself is quite easy if you really understand who you are. It’s not about what the trends and styles are in now, but all depend on your confidence!

We know that we have our own cultural background on wearing dress, the style we wear nowadays could be set up by “ourselves” many years ago, following the rule, cultures, habit that we saw in our daily life, or someone’s style might inspire how the way we dress up. Continue reading

Purchasing Outfit at Online Shop


Buying dress or shoes and another outfit online is becoming our lifestyle nowadays. What we see on model could inspire us or persuade us to buy.

People enjoying shopping at online shop as they have no much time to do “a window shopping” . But some people still enjoying “a conventional shopping”, they prefer to check the outfit by their own eyes and feel it with hand.

There are always a good and bad side in everything you do. Doing window shopping will take you lot of time to go here and there checking price, design and material, but you can fit the dress directly. And buying dress online it is easier to get, but if it does not fit to you, then you will waste your money. Continue reading